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Treehouse Rentals Built By Pete Nelson Across the US

Pete Nelson is one of the most renowned names in the treehouse industry in the US. And when it comes to the most authentic treehouse designs and builts, you'll never go wrong when renting any of the rentals Pete Nelson designed and built himself.

Treehouse Rentals Built By Pete Nelson Across the US

One of the biggest names in treehouse builders is Pete Nelson, who was the host and builder of the famed television show on Animal Planet, called Treehouse Masters. The show ran from 2013 to 2018, and in many of these shows were real clients who had their private treehouses built and are now being offered to the general public as treehouse rentals.

Made with excellent craftsmanship, superior attention to detail, and features you won’t see in other treehouse rentals, these treehouses will make you want to pack up your bags and head for an adventure in these stunning locations.

In this list, I’ve gathered a number of treehouse rentals built by Pete Nelson from different parts of the US.

1. EarthJoy Tree House Village

(Photo of Aaliyah Treehouse from Expedia)

(Photo of Hickory Treehouse from Expedia)

(Photo of Pete Treehouse from Expedia)

Location: Germantown, Kentucky

Price: Starts at $277

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EarthJoy Treehouse Village is made up of three treehouses built by the master himself. The Village is a 285-acre farm with plenty of walking trails, ponds, creeks, and an expansive area to immerse yourself in nature.

The first treehouse, which is the Aaliyah, is a unique Nelson treehouse rental for having two structures: the main cabin and the bunk bed cabin. This is perfect for a small family with kids, with parents who want their own space. The main cabin consists of a full-size bed while the bunk cabin, which is connected to the main structure via a swinging bridge, features bunk beds with a twin and full-size bed.

The Aaliyah is a great option for teens as it offers them a space of their own but not too far away from the adults in the family.

The Hickory, on the other hand, is a treehouse that’s best for 2 adults and 4 kids and is the perfect option for families who want a lot of fun during their stay. This treehouse is the most adventurous of all, as it houses a playground, a slide and swing, and 2 hammocks. It also has a cozy nook with lots of games, so your kids will never get bored.

And lastly, the Pete, which was the very first treehouse built on the farm, is the largest of the three treehouses in EarthJoy Tree House Village. It has lots of open space, featuring an oversized loft, 1 bedroom, and a full bathroom. It sleeps 5 and is the best option for a group of adults. This was also the treehouse in the Village that was featured on an episode of Treehouse Masters.

For Aaliyah, the bathroom is located outside the treehouse but it’s only a 5-second walk to the left. The Hickory, on the other hand, features a bathroom with a toilet but for showering, guests can use the bathhouse, which is 5 minutes from the treehouse.

2. Treehouse Grove

(Photo of The Elm from VRBO)

(The Cedar photo from Expedia)

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Price: $385-$625

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Treehouse Grove features a number of treehouse rentals built by Pete Nelson but we’re only featuring two of them. The first one is The Elm at Treehouse Grove, while the second one is The Creek, which is both equally as stunning.

The Elm at Treehouse Grove is a 2-bedroom and 1-bathroom rental that sleeps 4. It has a kitchen, air conditioning, an outdoor space, a kitchenette, a fireplace, and a BBQ grill on the deck.

Located in a secluded spot in the woods, the Elm is a beautifully constructed treehouse with plenty of tall, large windows, giving the interiors a warm, airy, and breezy feel. The inside is also bursting with natural light, and the beautiful trees that surround the treehouse are framed by the windows, offering calming views even when you’re staying inside.

The Cedar at Treehouse Grove, on the other hand, features the same amenities, such as 2 bedrooms, and 1 full bathroom, and sleeps 4. The only difference between these two treehouse rentals is the location within the property, but still, they’re placed side by side with each other, making these two treehouses a great option for two families on a vacation, or two couples going on a joint adventure.

Treehouse Grove is located within the Norton Creek Resort, which is a 500-acre property with plenty of wilderness, mountains, and creeks. This makes these treehouse Master rentals the perfect option for anyone who wants to spend time outdoors while staying in accommodation within the woodlands of the same property.

3. Emerald Forest Treehouse

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Location: Redmond, Washington

Price: $459

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Emerald Forest Treehouse is tucked away in a 30-acre forested property that’s only an 11-minute drive from the Redmond Town Center. It is perfect for a couple or a small group, as it has a relaxing hot tub and breakfast is also included with your stay.

There is no bedroom but it’s an open-concept structure or a studio-type treehouse with a queen bed and 1 twin bunk bed. Features of these treehouses include a half bathroom and a toilet and outdoor shower, air conditioning, a private outdoor space, a deck, a garden, and a dining area.

It was built by Pete Nelson in 2017 and is located behind the owner’s main house. A 55’ suspended walkway/bridge gives access to the treehouse from the main house, and complimentary breakfast is served via a 150’ zipline.

4. African-Themed Treehouse

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Location: Auburn, Washington

Price: $205

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This treehouse was commissioned by writer Skeeter Wilson and his partner, Jacque. It was built by Pete Nelson on the Treehouse Masters episode called African Safari Hut.

It features one bedroom, and 1 bathroom, and sleeps 2, making it the perfect Pete Nelson treehouse for a solo traveler or a couple. It was originally designed to be a writer’s cottage for Skeeter Wilson but since they frequently had friends request to stay in the treehouse, the couple decided to open it up as a rental property.

The treehouse is located in a rural area and elevated up in the treetops, which would mean no kids and pets are allowed to stay here. It’s located in a beautiful area, with the Lake Meridian Path nearby, and the Pacific Raceways only 8 minutes from the property.

Pete Nelson is a master craftsman and builder who has been making treehouses for many decades. He’s authored several books on building tree houses, owns Treehouse Point, which is a bed and breakfast in Seattle, as well as the Nelson Treehouse and Supply, a company that builds treehouses and provides treehouse supplies to other contractors.

When you rent any of the treehouses Pete Nelson built, you can rest assured they are designed with function, features, and comfort in mind, high-end details, and the best craftsmanship you can ask for from a treehouse builder. Take your pick from these beautiful and unique treehouse Master rentals and experience gorgeous treehouses living in any of these locations.

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