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6 Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky That Welcome Raw Natural Beauty

Kentucky is home to treehouse rentals that offer the most exquisite adventures for guests.

6 Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky That Welcome Raw Natural Beauty

The home of bourbon and bluegrass music, Kentucky is a state that boasts of urban metropolitan cities and small-town charms. But between these lively centers are stunning natural scenery that makes for the perfect treehouse rental location.

From rivers to creeks, mountains to cliffs, and wooded wonderlands, Kentucky is home to treehouse rentals that offer the most exquisite adventures for guests.

I’ve found 6 Kentucky treehouse rentals that embrace the natural surroundings. Some of these treehouses are located high up among the treetops; they'll make you think you’re floating above the woodlands.

One treehouse rental is even hanging above the trees, suspended from a cliff, offering a floating cabin experience.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting solo adventure, a romantic couples getaway, or a family outdoor vacation, Kentucky has a treehouse rental for you.

Here are 6 Kentucky treehouse accommodations for the nature lover and adventurer:

1. Amazonia Treehouse

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Location: Rogers, Wolfe County, Kentucky

Price: $264

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Amazonia Treehouse is located in a heavily wooded area in Rogers, Kentucky, where the Daniel Boone National Forest is only one minute's walk away, with the Natural Bridge State Park only 5 minutes away.

This Kentucky treehouse rental features 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom, and sleeps 4, which makes it a great option for couples, friends, or a small family. Kids and pets are allowed, making it a great family-friendly treehouse rental.

Other features of this rental include a kitchen, a BBQ grill, a deck, a hammock loft above the kitchen, air conditioning, WiFi, and a location that’s very close to hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and horseback riding adventures.

2. The Pete Treehouse

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Location: Germantown, Kentucky

Price: $288

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The Pete Treehouse is one of three treehouse rentals on a private property that has several walking trails, ponds, and lots of open space.

This treehouse, in particular, was built by the great Pete Nelson, who was the host and builder of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. This structure was even featured on the show.

It features 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and sleeps 5. The bathroom is located outside the main treehouse, while a half bathroom is also located in the same outdoor area. It also has a kitchenette, an outdoor play area for kids, an oversized loft, and a beautiful deck elevated 30’ high off the ground.

Great for families with kids, pets are also welcome, making it another family-friendly treehouse rental in Kentucky.

3. Romantic Hideaway in Slade

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Location: Slade, Kentucky

Price: $130

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This treehouse rental is located in close proximity to the Kentucky Reptile Zoo, which is only 0.4 miles away. It features 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a bathtub, an outdoor spa tub found on the deck, a washer and dryer area, as well as air conditioning. Though it’s designed to be a romantic treehouse rental in the woods, children and pets are allowed to stay here, making it a great family-friendly getaway.

Nearby activities to enjoy include rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

4. The Tradewinds Treehouse

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Location: Stanton, Kentucky

Price: $625

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The Tradewinds Treehouse is a rental that’s only a one-minute walk from the Daniel Boone National Forest, making it the perfect base for nearby outdoor excursions and explorations.

It has 3 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom, and sleeps 8, making it perfect for large groups or a big family. Kids and pets are also allowed in this rental.

It consists of two structures that are interconnected by a bridge. There’s also a fun feature in one of the structures, where a small hole from the deck leads to a metal slide that brings you from the upper deck down to the ground. Kids and teens will especially love this detail.

A wrap-around deck also offers gorgeous views of the Peregrine Rock, offering an outdoor space up in the trees that everyone will want to hang out in.

There's also a hot tub and air conditioning, making it a luxury treehouse getaway that’s close to all the natural beauty of this part of Kentucky.

5. The Observatory Treehouse

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Location: Stanton, Kentucky

Price: $303

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This treehouse rental’s name speaks for itself. It is elevated high into the treetops featuring two different structures. The first structure is where you’ll find the kitchen, living area, and bathroom, while the second structure, a little higher and connected by floating walkways, features a unique bedroom with built-in skylights.

The bedroom is where the rental’s name comes from, as you can literally observe the skies from the bed. Features of this treehouse include 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a BBQ grill, a wrap-around porch from the kitchen, and sleeps 4.

It’s a great option for solo travelers, a couple, or friends. Pets and kids are not allowed as the treehouse sits very high up, making it a safety issue for small kids and dogs.

6. Cliff Dweller

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Location:  Campton, Kentucky

Price: $957

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The Cliff Dweller in Campton is a treehouse/cliff house in one, where 177 steps in a wooden staircase lead you to a deck with a tree in the middle, and further steps lead you to the first structure. This is where you’ll find the kitchen and bathroom, while a spiral staircase leads you up to the floating bedroom suspended by cables from a cliff.

It’s a treehouse rental for the adventurous spirit, fearless, and nature lover. The bedroom features glass windows that offer stunning views, while a “rooftop” deck above it presents the perfect outdoor space to relish the amazing nature that surrounds it.

There’s one bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a couple of decks. The bedroom is air-conditioned, making it a super comfortable space to stay in no matter what season.

Pets and kids are not allowed, as well as guests who may have medical issues. It takes a moderate level of fitness to access, so it’s ideal for adults who are confident in their health and fitness level.

It’s a unique treehouse rental in Kentucky that pays respect to the natural environment where it belongs.

Kentucky’s treehouse rentals are something else. The owners have taken on a responsibility to create dwellings that include the natural environment with their design and engineering.

Most of the treehouse rentals I featured have small interior spaces but have features that are big on allowing the outdoor environment in. If you’re looking for an ideal base for your Kentucky getaways that blend comfort and access to the natural beauty of what the state has to offer, choose from any of these 6 rentals and the many other accommodations that boast of the same offerings.

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