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7 Serene Treehouses in Fredericksburg: Your Ultimate Guide to Treehouse Rentals in Texas

Fredericksburg is a known favorite destination for Texan locals and visitors alike. With charming shops, vineyards, and of course, the countless state parks and ranches, Fredericksburg makes for the perfect treehouse rental location.

7 Serene Treehouses in Fredericksburg: Your Ultimate Guide to Treehouse Rentals in Texas

Fredericksburg is known as a favorite weekend destination for Texans. With its vineyards, charming shops and restaurants, nearby state parks, and ranches, a visit to Fredericksburg is a much-deserved respite from all the hustle and bustle of modern life.

And what nicer way to spend your time in this city than staying in a peaceful, tranquil, and serene treehouse that makes you forget all of your troubles?

One of the best places you can find treehouse rentals in Fredericksburg is Honeytree Farm, with 5 breathtaking tree houses that look like they came out of a treehouse catalog.

But Honeytree isn’t the only place that offers treehouse rentals, there are plenty of other options, and I’ve also discovered 4 other rentals that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Here are 7 treehouses in Fredericksburg that will make your Texas weekend truly memorable:

1. Honeytree Farm

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

Price: Starts at $349

Book on Honeytree Farm

Honeytree Farm is a beautiful tree house ranch in Fredericksburg that’s family-owned and operated. The couple, Jacob and Katie, purchased a 10-acre farm and developed it into a treehouse village, with 5 gorgeous tree houses located in different parts of the property.

The Farm overlooks Palo Alto Creek, giving guests a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere when they stay here. There are dense live oaks and plenty of lush greenery, creating a tranquil escapade for anyone who decides to book a night here or two.

(Photo from )

  • The Live Oak Treehouse

Of the 5 treehouses, I love The Live Oak Treehouse the most, which is also their most popular. This treehouse is right over Palo Alto Creek, so you’ve got beautiful views all around you. It’s perfect for 2 guests, making it a great option for couples or even a solo guest.

The prettiest detail in this treehouse is the big, round, reading nook, with books and trinkets on the shelves. It feels like you’re inside the trunk of a tree with how cozy and warm this spot is, which makes for the perfect area to think, meditate, or read a good book.

This treehouse also has a kitchen, a balcony, a living area, a beautiful cozy bed, and an outdoor bathtub. If you want to escape everyday life and simply enjoy time with yourself or if you want to have a romantic weekend with your partner, The Live Oak Treehouse is simply perfect.

(Photo from

  • The Sycamore

My second favorite treehouse at Honeytree Farm Treehouses is The Sycamore. It’s a loft-style treehouse with very high ceilings, so you get an airy, breezy, and expansive space inside. The bedroom is located on the loft, creating a private area, with the living room, balcony, kitchen, and bathroom, all found on the main floor.

Outside, you will find a balcony with a hammock tied to live trees that go through the deck, creating a quiet and serene spot to spend the afternoon or relax around nature.

Among other notable features include WiFi, air conditioning, and heating, a BBQ grill on the deck, and a full-size soaking tub located in the bathroom.

There are 3 other treehouses at Honeytree Farm and more are being built as we speak. With 10 acres of exclusive property offering beautiful surroundings, this treehouse ranch in Fredericksburg is one of the top places to experience reconnecting with nature in style and comfort.

2. Jumping Goat Ranch Treehouse

(Photo from Expedia)

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

Price: $199

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This treehouse may look rugged and rustic on the outside. Still, once you step foot inside, you’ll feel relaxed and comforted by the modern interiors, well-appointed kitchen, and beautiful attention to detail that was injected into the space.

With Cross Mountain Park and the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park only minutes away, this treehouse rental in Fredericksburg is a great choice for couples. It has a king bed and sleeps 2, featuring a private spa tub on the ground floor, a bathroom on the main floor, and a balcony with a tree going through the deck.

There’s also air conditioning, heating, WiFi, a BBQ grill on the deck, and plenty of outdoor space.

3. Elizabeth’s House by the Creek

(Photo from Orbitz)

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

Price: $196

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This rental is not exactly a treehouse but it does have a beautiful deck with a tree right beside it, creating a treehouse feel. It has 1 bedroom and there’s also a queen bed in the living area, allowing for 4 guests to stay in this treehouse cabin.

It also has 1 full bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, TV, a balcony, an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ grill, and a picnic table. The Old Tunnel State Park and the Fort Martin Scott Historic Site are less than 30 minutes away, making this rental an excellent option for nearby attractions and activities.

4. Winery Cabin with Wrap-Around Deck

(Photo from

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

Price: $197

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Another rental that’s not a treehouse per se, it does have a wraparound deck that makes it feel like you’re in a treehouse, with treetops and the natural surroundings as your peaceful view. It has 1 queen bed, and a double sofa bed, allowing a total of 4 guests to stay in this Fredericksburg rental.

There's also a full bathroom, a living area, a kitchen, and a covered pavilion for guests to use. The Fat Ass Ranch Winery is only a 2-minute drive away, while the Barons Creek Vineyards is only 5 minutes, and the Grape Creek Vineyards are only 11 minutes away. If you plan on enjoying a wine tour in these areas, this treehouse rental is an ideal accommodation.

5. The Treehouse Cabin

(Photo from VRBO)

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

Price: $274

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This treehouse cabin is part of the Walnut Canyon Cabins, which has 8 different guest houses on the property. It has 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom, and sleeps 2, making it ideal for couples, solo guests, or two friends on a Fredericksburg getaway.

There’s also a kitchen, a BBQ grill on the deck, a beautiful balcony with sunrise views, heating and air conditioning, and an outdoor space with a picnic table and garden seating.

It’s also located on a hill, so you’ve got unmatched views of Hill Country from this rental.

Romantic, exciting, but also peaceful, Fredericksburg is a great weekend getaway in Texas. Stay in a beautiful treehouse rental in Fredericksburg and experience nature at its finest, without having to compromise modern comforts.

All of these treehouse rentals may be situated in nature, but they’re also only minutes away from downtown Fredericksburg, as well as all the different attractions and activities to do in and around the city.

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